domingo, 9 de janeiro de 2005

Como conseguir um email de 1GB no Yahoo

Cheguei a isso através do fórum do P2M. Não testei.

Although your domain will be ( CHINESE )

Here's how:
1. Create a Yahoo ID. You can create one here:
copy paste this link on ur address bar
2. UNCHECK the 'Create my free Yahoo! email
address'. Give an alternate non-yahoo email address.
3. Complete the procedures, then logout after.
4. Activate your chinesa-domained email adress by going to ( THE PAGES WILL BE IN CHINESE FONT )
5. Fill in your newly created Yahoo ID and password and click the button below.
6. Type anything on the two text boxes that appears. I don't know what the labels say either.
7. You will have initially 100 MB of email space.
8. Logout.
9. Login to Yahoo Messenger ( YM ), using your newly created Yahoo ID.
if you don't have YM installed, donwload it here:
10. Add at least a contact/friend. If you don't have anyone to add, add this ID: chowyeuw
11. Logout.
12. Go to
13. Click the *glowing* 1G icon.
14. A new page will be opened on a new browser window.
15. Fill in your newly created Yahoo ID and password on the the 2 text boxes below. Then click the yellow button under.[ I think it says Sign-in]
16. Just click the 2 big yellow buttons that appear succesively.
17. Now you have 0% of 1.0GB
Your default language will be English, with free POP3.

This will be good news for those without Gmail accounts.

FONTE: Reliance IndiaMobile Discussion Forums -> Yahoo's 1 Gb Account Freeeeee !

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